Relaxing in Amed on Bali next to the beach

GaneshAmed is a small resort in Amed. This small town is situated on the east side of Bali and is especially known because of its beautiful diving facilities.

GaneshAmed has 2 smaller rooms and 4 spacious rooms all with great views on the sea and the volcano. Next to the beach are the swimming pool and the restaurant for breakfast and during the day delicious drinks. Of course all the cool drinks are served around and even in the pool.

The rooms are built in a mix of Balinese and Western style. The 4 spacious rooms have a king size bed in Balinese style. These rooms have a large veranda with views on the sea, the volcano and the garden.

Beside these rooms there are 2 smaller rooms with a shared veranda and 1 double bed each. These two rooms are perfect for families with 2 children or two couples traveling together.

All rooms have comfortable beds and mattresses, a fan, western toilets and a shower. All rooms have cold and warm water. All rooms are facilitaded with airconditioning and the larger ones have a mini bar.

In the resort is free WiFi available.